View Full Version : 840D controller question

02-16-2017, 07:13 PM
I just bought a Hyundai V1300 mill with the Siemens 840D controller and need help learning how to operate and navigate it. Is there any good video tutorials or someone thats interested in getting paid for training/consulting.



02-17-2017, 02:51 PM
Not for a V1300, but I found this http://www.m3.tuc.gr/EQUIPMENT/DMU50eco/Sinumerik%20810d/Beginners%20Manual.pdf to be of some use when I got thrown in the deep end with out V800 which has an 810d controller on it, which is basically the same as an 840d. If you have any specific question ask & I can try to answer them. The 810d/840d for milling is different to the 840d controllers we've got on out lathes as far as setting, operating is similar but once your a little bit familiar with siemens controllers it's pretty easy to jump between an 840c/840d for turning & an 810d/840d for milling