View Full Version : Spindle Unit / Auto Tool changer / 15T - Please....

01-03-2017, 12:35 AM
Hello, I really need help getting pointed in the rite direction and suggestions extremely welcomed (needed).

I've been searching the interwebs high and low, all search features within this forum. Search engines, vendors, etc, I am just failing miserably to get any results in the 15T taper family. And I'd really love to strike up an conversation about this.
I am starting to suspect 15T has been abolished by the Milling universe... or... It goes by an different name that I simply do not know.

My machine (Roland MDX-650A) works exceptionally well for what I need it to do. However... it is cold as sin where I've moved to and my spindle unit is no longer happy.

Today I disassembled my spindle unit suspecting to find a squared bearing. Bearings good, but the chuck retainer disc to the spindle shaft, slightly adjusted itself on the spindle shaft causing a slight resistance. I have remedied this now (thankfully was not damaged or distorted), but this too is something I desperately wish to strike an conversation about.

If I cannot find 15T tapered tooling or even replacement parts, such as the receptacle for the 15T taper within the spindle (if it had been damaged, I would be completely stopped in my tracks for a long time...
....Eventually I will need to either modify, repair, stock spare parts or replace my spindle unit. And I do not have a spare or an alternative at all currently.

I need to talk about where to find "guts" for spindle units.

Or even replacement spindle units that I can fit to my machine, the mount form factor is not exceptionally amazing, It is just a block of metal with some holes that line up to the mounting plate and a big hole for a shaft and bearings to go into.

So where would one even begin to source guts such as a spindle unit internal receptacle for various tapers to attach to a shaft? Or even one for my 15T system if it does eventually disintegrate?

Perhaps I need to ditch my spindle unit all together, that's fine, I'd really like a spindle unit with a drill chuck end like the "Jacobs Chuck", I would like to be able to hold 1/2 in end mill bits (Ive been searching for about a year for a 15T taper that can accept 1/2in") but where does one find one? Seriously, I am at a total loss and truly seeking wisdom within this forum. It's a bit frustrating being stuck to 3/8in bits. Heck, I have a threaded chuck from a old drill chuck that I'd be willing to place into my existing 15T tool holders... but that just seems like asking for trouble and I am really really trying to set myself up correctly and safely.

My best option could not seriously be a 3/8in shank to 1/2in threaded rod from ebay to mount my drill chuck head onto.... Or is it?

I am coming to wits ends and would welcome a conversation or suggestion on any portion of this.

Also, it's worth noting this is a personally owned machine. Discontinued from Roland and no support will ever come from them regarding drivers / parts / etc. I tried going threw Roland recently, desired to replace the I/O board, Roland was very unhelpful and I remedied the dilemma in another way. The frame of this machine itself is unquestionably excellent and stout and far more capable most ever need. I would not be against in the future "gutting" the machine setup and putting in "better guts" on this frame... eventually. I may be forced to do so if I cannot learn where to attain parts to keep this machine going.

Hopefully awaiting responses,