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02-12-2007, 12:15 PM
Hello everyone. I couldn't find the introductions forum, so I hope it's ok I'm introducing myself here. I'm Roger, and we just got a Thermwood 5x10 CS45 cabinet making machine. I am a newby, and I am pretty much learning the process by trial and error.

Can anyone tell me what the different descriptions of a toolbit are for? For example single/double/triple flute, 'o' flute, upcut, spiral, straight, compression etc mean. Is there somewhere I can look something like this up for different operations?

We are cutting plywood, mdf's, acrylics, plex sheet stock, as well as some minor work in aluminum and steel. I am trying to pick out some bits to purchase, and I want to make sure the bits we currently have wont be duplicates of what we will be getting.

Bits we currently have.
Wood bits:
1/2" 3 flute up/down CS(CompressionSpiral) (Down means for boring? But when would you cut up?
3/8" 2 flute up/down CS
1/4" 2 flute up/shear finishing (What does up/shear mean?)

Acrylics & Plastic bits:
1/2" 3 flute low helix upcut finisher (What's low helix and upcut?)
1/2" 2 'O' flute straight
1/4" single 'O' flute straight
1/4" upcut single 'O' flute Spiral (When would you use spiral over straight?)

We want to purchase a v-groove bit for metal countersinking. Would it be more cost effective to buy a smaller bit and assign a larger diameter toolpath for larger countersinks? We also want to 1/4" drill and make linear cuts as well. 1/4" up/down?

If I use a 2" v-groove on 3/4" mdf, how much meat should I leave so that I can fold the mdf?

Also, this weekend while drilling 1/4" holes with a 1/4" 2 flute up/down CS, the 3/4" plywood material caught on fire. Yep... the bit got pretty damn hot! I shut the pump and collector off hoping the burning smell was not from inside the dust collector about to catch the building on fire. Was I using the wrong bit? I think I was plunging at 100ipm. What can I do to stop fires other than having a spray bottle nearby?

I appreciate any guidance anyone can give me. Thank you!