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02-11-2007, 11:06 AM
Some of the files I try to cut take a long time for a simple image. Sometimes at the beginning of the program run, the Z axis will make a lot of single point
plunges as if to mark what it will do As it starts to actually cut, these "dots"
will become part of the cuts. Sometimes the router will start in an area, stop, move to the opposite side, cut a little, stop, then take off somewhere else.
There is a lot of wasted time and zig zag movement. Some files to cut that seem like they will take a while, go very quickly. I hope this makes sense to someone. I don't understand why it will start on a letter, not finish, then take off to start another letter somewhere else.
Don't get me wrong............I really like V-Carve along with Mach 3 :confused:

Tony Mac
02-12-2007, 07:11 AM

My guess is that when vcarving some of your designs the Pass Depth for the selected cutter is less than the calculated toolpath depth, hence you see the Roughing passes being cut first?

Where a design is widest the toolpath will be deepest - unless a Flat Depth is specified - and these regions may need multiple Z level passes. These regions are machined first and could be why you see the cutter jumping around the design and then coming back and completing the job - linking up the dots - but this is only a guess.

If you think the cutter should be capable of cutting the design in a single pass check the Max. Depth: shown on the Toolpath Summary. Then Edit the Toolpath and set the Pass Depth for the cutter being used to be greater than the Max. Depth.

If you have an example that shows what you are seeing please can you e-mail the VCarve Pro CRV file to support@vectric.com and we'll take a look.

I hope this makes sense,