View Full Version : Problem Misplacement of system holes on cabinet parts

11-13-2016, 04:14 PM
I'm working with an entry level CNC machine (CamWood 408 since 2008). Within the last year I have encountered a problem. When cutting out nested cabinet side panels, there are times (not always) when the system holes are located to close to the bottom edge of the panel and too far from the top edge (or vice versa) by about 1/16". At other times the holes are located correctly, equidistant from the top/bottom edges. When examining the G-code (LazyCam w/ Mac3), the positioning of the holes is always correct, so I assume the problem lies with the CNC machine itself. I'm not a really tech savvy (or even mechanically savvy) guy, but I was wondering if someone might know how to correct this issue.