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09-26-2016, 02:13 AM
Ring die pellet mill, also named as ring die pellet machine, is able to turn those agricultural straws into biomass pellets of great value. Starting from the nonlinear problem of biomass molding, we can study the finite deformation of straw with eulerian method. To create the solid base for simulating work of ANSYS, we deduce the elasto plastic constitutive equation.

During the working process of ring die pellet machine, frictional force between straw and mold wall as well as changes of hydrostatic pressure can cause the defects like uneven distribution of stress and surface crack. Along with the rise of density ratio, equivalent strain will increase, too. At the cone corner of mold, equivalent stress will get to the maximum.


Through the above study, we can get the influence of factors like water content and size of raw material, working pressure on quality of biomass pellets. Besides, we can confirm the optimum parameters. Straw size has great influence on molding effect of biomass fuels. This paper takes three kinds of corn straw to make experimental study.

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