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08-16-2016, 02:36 AM
For materials with high fiber content, they require that the resistance for passing through the die holes should be reduced during the working process of wood pellet mill. Therefore, FTM technicians design the die holes into two segments: feeding area L and discharging area R.

For holes in discharging area, they have three basic forms: straight hole, cone hole and combination hole. Among the three, straight hole and cone hole are common. Aperture ratio of working area is an important index of ring die. The ratio is the result that whole area of die hole divides the total working area.


The aperture ratio can influence the working capacity of wood pellet machine. Under the premise to ensure the strength of press roller, we can improve the aperture ratio as much as possible. The way to count the aperture ratio of ring die is similar to that for counting the aperture ratio on sieve holes on screen plates.

According to the difference of hole diameter, the aperture ratio is in the scope from 20% to 30%. Ways to arrange the die hole is also an important problem in designing the ring die. According to the difference of animal husbandry, size of biomass pellets should be different.

Once you confirm the feeding objects, size of biomass pellets can be basically confirmed, also for the size of die holes. To make raw materials be fed soundly, we generally arrange the die holes at dislocation. Get PDF on website!

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