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07-12-2016, 11:20 PM
To feed rabbits well, you have to make the feeds be scientific and modernized. By using pellets as feeds, you can get more money. The above word is proved to be true by many cases. Before releasing products to market, FTM always asks specialized agencies to make test. Sawdust pellet mill is not a exception.


Objects of this test is the finished products of sawdust pellet mill. If finished products perform well, publication and application of sawdust pellet mill will not be problem. Actually, this test is comparative. Rabbits with same conditions are classified into two groups and respectively fed with biomass pellets and normal feeds.

As results show that, biomass pellets are better than normal feeds either in nutritional level or in feeding effect. Biomass pellets, featured in the good palatability, can motivate the appetite of rabbits and improve their digesting ratio. So, the rabbits, fed with biomass pellets, are very fat and hairy.


At present, ordinary households often use the flat-die sawdust pellet mill equipped with two-phased or three-phased dynamo. There are many kinds of sawdust pellet mill on market, especially in Henan, China. When selecting sawdust pellet mill, you should take two things into account. One is the model and the other is supplier.

Which model is the best among so many? Here i give you a choice. Sawdust pellet mill, with 7.5KW power, four-phased dynamo and 150-250kg/h capacity, is available for you. If the model you chosen is small, your production plan will be seriously influenced even though it is a little cheaper.

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