View Full Version : add metric conversion to run Laguna IQ HHC ??

06-25-2016, 07:21 AM
I have a question regarding what may or may not be a real issue however it is a bit confusing to me. I have been doing my drawings in Rhino5 with tool paths being done with Rhinocam 2015. all drawings are in Imperial unites. I just received my Laguna IQ HHC. I noticed that on the HHC the fle extension was .mmg so I called the support, they assured me that the unit could read either extension as long as I converted to metric. The tech was not specifically versed in Rhino and stated that just adding g21 to the top of the gcode file would convert as necessary. I am not confident enough n the conversation to just crank it up. so I though I would ask here for some insight and or direction I am itching to cut some wood. any help would be greatly appreciated.

The thing that I noticed when scanning the .nc file generated by Rhinocam was that there was no G20 or G21 statement at all it caused me to think that it in fact was neutral and possibly that it doesn't care is it is metric or imperial as it was a coordinate reference not a measurement reference. Just my inexperienced brain wondering

FYI I have no CNC experience but am fairly technical I am a hands on luthier adding technology to my guitar shop