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06-25-2016, 03:03 AM
Wood pellet mill is an important machine to produce the biomass pellets, which can be used for industries like animal husbandry, poultry farming and fishery, etc. Along with the rapid adjustment of national economic structure, fodder enterprises also develop rapidly.


By virtue of the high nutritional value and great economic benefits, biomass fodder is the project that is worthy of investment. At home, researches on pellet quality, working efficiency and service life of wood pellet mill have been explored and their fruits are remarkable.

Indexes to evaluate the quality of wood pellet mill generally include the pellet hardness, surface smoothness, powder rate and water resistance. All these indexes are easy to be influenced by factors like product formula, physico-chemical properties of raw material, size of raw materials, modulating effect, curing degree, working parameters and cooling effect, etc.


Quality of biomass pellets is quite important to the pelletizing performance of raw materials. The pelletizing performance refers to the difficulty for raw materials to be pressed into pellets. In general, greater the pelletizing performance of raw materials, more smooth the pelletizing work. Quality of biomass pellets is very good.

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