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06-23-2016, 04:59 AM
As a professional sawdust dryer manufacturer, Fote has been making a lot of efforts to manufacture the environmental-friendly machine with remarkable features of high working efficiency and easy maintenance. As a large-sized machine, the sawdust dryer machine should be operated safely. During the working process of sawdust dryer machine, users should pay much attention to the protective measures for explosion and noise.


The first problem needing to be noticed for sawdust drying machine is fire. To prevent the machine catching fire, users should take the recycling system to reduce the oxygen content in the drum. In order to avoid the sudden rise of pressure in sawdust rotary dryer, users should set blast holes with appropriate numbers. At the same time, users should take proper measures to prevent fire and explosion. When raw material in sawdust drying machine is liable to explode, users should control the stay time of raw material in sawdust dryer machine.


When choosing sawdust rotary dryer, users should take the noise pollution into consideration. It is well-known that the fun is the main source of noise. Parts of sawdust drying machine like pump, gear box, compressor, spraying device, burner and agitator can produce noise, too. To reduce the noise of fun, users can lower down the differential pressure appropriately. All in all, safe production is the premise to realize high working efficiency. Strong appeal for clean environment stimulates the rapid development of sawdust dryer machine.

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