View Full Version : Methods for Recovering the Stability of Sawdust Rotary Dryer

06-21-2016, 10:39 PM
For the working sawdust rotary dryer, stability is of great importance. If there is something wrong with the stability, the normal production would be seriously influenced. Thus to keep or improve the stability, users can take the following methods. If air leakage in sawdust rotary dryer is serious, the temperature of flue gas will be much higher. To solve this problem, installing a sealing device is OK. If the raw material to be dried has foreign matters inside, users should remove them out. Or else, the feeding plate would be seriously blocked and drying process would be interrupted.


No matter how heavy the production duty is, operators should well close the inspection door of sawdust drying machine for the fear of being cracked or deformed. The drying work should not be carried through in rainy days. If necessary, temperature in air heating furnace should be improved properly. If users of sawdust dryer machine want to increase the output, the existed belt conveyor would be incapable, since the raw material are easy to drop in the drum. Thus it is necessary to allocate a matching belt conveyor for sawdust drying machine.

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