View Full Version : Can't transfer nc to FANUC 88HS

06-16-2016, 01:25 PM
Sorry, I meant Fadal 88HS. Its one of them days.

I'm starting to get aggravated. We used Esprit to program for our Fadal VMC6030 for a while without a problem. I'm fairly new to this and definitely new to the machine. Yesterday, we were trying to adjust the program to spot drill on a shoulder that had been cut. We got an error message on the controller and every since, we haven't been able to transfer the programs to the machine. It will compile the code, but when we try Wdnc, the icon pops up on the task bar and that's it. Been trying to get in touch with Esprit. In 6 hours, I have received one email that only asked if I had access to program files on the c drive. Any help would be greatly appreciated.