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01-21-2007, 12:04 AM
These guys are in Toronto
Check this out ..


Anyone got ripped off ??

01-21-2007, 02:04 AM
when i goggled shopcam , that site was the third or fourth down
definitely going to be noticed and a thorn in that companies side and a good(nuts)

01-21-2007, 03:15 AM
link does not work

Can't find what it is that you want to mention

01-21-2007, 03:36 AM
link does not work

Can't find what it is that you want to mention

Worked for me. IE/XP


01-21-2007, 05:25 AM
nah! doesn't work.

I tried it on this computer using IE7 and Mozilla Firefox

Then the same again on the laptop.

Doesn't work. Try it again, see if it still works.


01-21-2007, 05:39 AM
nah! doesn't work.

I tried it on this computer using IE7 and Mozilla Firefox

Then the same again on the laptop.

Doesn't work. Try it again, see if it still works.


Sure it does! :)


01-21-2007, 05:41 AM
I won't post a screenshot of the page it links to, don't want to start a bunch of crap. :)


01-22-2007, 02:34 PM
when I was buying a router in Canada i had it narrowed down to them and Shopsabre. Shopsabre was in the US but it was only 8 hours away. ShopCam promised alot and I almost went with them but what turned me off was the sales man (Snow) talking down other routers. Shopsabre never did this but just told me what they offered and were very helpfull. I have had a few problems but Jim at shopsabre has come through for me in spades. I am glad i didn't get shopcam now after reading this.

02-27-2007, 03:33 AM
Shopcam and Shopcam..........two different entities.

One is for Router tables in Canada, the other is a mid level cad/cam for machining. I have the latter for over 10 years and most pleased. Let's not get them confused

02-27-2007, 08:37 AM
I was looking and considering this company.
Thanks for saving me the trouble.
I already got screwed by a company in the states "3drouters"

05-26-2009, 11:12 PM
Hi Everyone,

I just registered here today May 26th and this is my first post.

I want to say that I have a ShopCAM router that I purchased 4 months ago and although the machine was a little late in coming I am completely happy with it. It has not been down once and has generally required no service.

I know the site you guys are talking about but I hardly think that one guy complaining is worth giving the company a bad name. I mean really how many people complain about GM or Ford or the like?

I paid a fair price after doing lots of research and for the record I even contacted the guy who put the page up (Dan) and was unconvinced by his version of the events that he claims so I called the police officer that he mentioned and was given a different story all together.

In the end I went to visit this company and came away feeling comfortable that they were indeed making machines. They had 12 of them on thier floor at the time so it was easy to see that they were legit. I paid a deposit and was given a date by the owner, now that date came and went and I was a little worried, but when I called and spoke to Snow I was given a legitimate reason and a concession and the machine was delivered as promised on the next date.

He told me that Dan had a lot of problems getting financing and when he finally arranged financing that he continued to call them asking for pictures of his machine being built. Snow told me that they refused to send him pictures everyday as he asked and thats when Dan asked for a refund, even though the contract we all have to sign says no refund if the customer cancels before the delivery date.

Snow said Dan flipped out and called the police and accused him of being a fraud, the police came to the factory and verified that his machine was under construction. Dan then flew into Lindsay (location of factory) and showed up at the police station. Snow met with him at the police station and paid him back half of his deposit even though legally he didnt have to. Snow then told Dan that he would pay him the rest of the depost when the machine sold. Dan appeared satisfied according to both the police officer I talked with and Snow, so much so that he signed an agreement not to discuss the whole ordeal. Unfortunately for Snow, Dan went home and put up the website. Snow of course then refused to return the other half of the money as Dan had clearly violated the agreement and good faith gesture.

I have yet to see Dan's site updated with all of these new "people" he claims to have waiting to give their stories, so as far as I am concerned its one guy that is whinning.

I am not in any type of relationship with ShopCAM Inc or Snow other than I spent $40K plus there and am completely satisfied with my router. I am only responding to this post because I dont think that Snow's company should be shuned because of one bad apple.

Mathew Paglia

11-25-2009, 06:11 PM
No, no, you are just lucky and I wouldn't be surprised if your ShopCam CNC goes up in smoke like ours did.
We are a company in Peterborough, ON and we were taken by Mike Snow of ShopCam Routers, as well.
Michael Snow of ShopCam Routers, in Lindsay, ON, Canada, has scammed many, many people and our website will be going up soon. Dan Routhier, of Sign Savvy in Halifax is correct.
You can contact Michael Clark, manager of Security of Otis Elevators in the US if you like. He is a former FBI agent and has investigated many frauds. He states that Snow has defrauded Otis Elevators. Even a huge company like that was taken for over $20K, their deposit, just as so many others were.
We bought a 4 x 8 machine, received it, then the controller went up in smoke twice and he decided to take it back. He stated that, because of our problems with the machine, which was not built properly in the first place, he would take it back and replace it with a bigger table so that we could cut his vacuum tables for him. We were building a new shop so it worked out perfectly. That was in 2007. We have tried everything possible to get a machine or money back, to no avail. We are out $34K which he has and won't refund. He simply laughs at us when we contact us. He has a friend on the local police force and there are complaints to the Civilian Police Complaint Commission (OCCPS) regarding this cops actions.

It has been said that Mike Snow is a chronic liar and a conman. Our nightmare with this man has been since September 2007and we wish we had never set eyes on him or his machine.

There are more than 14 people who have been taken and the list grows monthly. There is a man in Brandon, Manitoba who recently received a machine and it hasn't worked since he got it. He is devastated because Snow will have nothing to do with servicing the machine. Rintal Canada, Cobourg and National Orthopedics have judgements against Snow.
If this isn't enough to keep you from even thinking about ShopCam Routers from Lindsay Ontario, then God Help You.