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05-18-2016, 07:22 AM
Compared with the sawdust pellet mill at abroad, sawdust pellet mill at home is somewhat backward in working efficiency, service life and energy consumption. While, as the NO.1 brand of saw dust pellet machine, FTM China Machinery will do more efforts to improve the performance.


Size of raw materials can decide the area of pellet ingredient. If materials to be pelletized are in finer size, you will enjoy the benefits like larger area of fodder ingredient, faster the speed for pellets to absorb water, greater the modulating effect, higher the viscosity and hardness of biomass pellets. What’s more, content of powdered materials is quite small.

If size of raw materials is too large, biomass pellets will have cracks on surface and become coarse. Since they are poor in strength, powder content will be quite high. Fat in raw materials, which can play the role of lubricant, can alleviate the wear of key parts, make raw materials easy to pass through the hole of ring die and improve the quality of biomass pellets.

Fat in raw materials is generally originated from two parts. One is the content in themselves. The other comes from the exterior world. If content of fat in raw materials is too high, biomass pellets produced by saw dust pellet machine (http://www.woodpelletmillsell.com/product/sawdust-pellet-mill.html) will be easy to be softened and loosened. Therefore, it is quite hard for raw materials to be pelletized.

If being heated, protein in raw materials will be able to improve the plasticity and viscosity of biomass pellets. Under the high temperature, starch in raw materials will be pasted. The pasted starch can improve the plasticity and viscosity of biomass pellets.

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