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05-06-2016, 06:17 AM
Along with the continuous development of breeding industry, traditional live-stock raising industry has been developed toward the large-sized feeding plant, enterprises or groups. Demands for fodders are increasing day by day. During the process to make the biomass pellets, cooling work is a key part.


As evidence shows that, feasible cooling is of significant importance for improving quality and output of biomass pellets. Advanced design of technology and feasible matching of device are premises to ensure the quality of biomass pellets. The following content will discuss about several points related with cooling work for you as references.

Biomass pellets just produced by sawdust pellet mill are delivered into the cooler through the feeder and stay inside for a period. At the same time, draught fan works and cool the hot pellets under the heat exchange. Saw dust pellet machine, feeder and cooler are vertically arranged.

Featured in the feasible and simple operation, the whole system needs to be stored in the relatively high workshop. For some small-sized fodder plants, they choose to equip the bucket elevator between sawdust pellet mill (http://www.woodpelletmillsell.com/product/sawdust-pellet-mill.html) and cooler for lowering the building cost. While, this behavior is inadvisable.

Temperature of biomass pellets which are just discharged from sawdust pellet mill can be higher to 80?. If being directly delivered into the bucket elevator, hot pellets will heat the air. The hot and wet air can rust the bucket elevator. As a result, performance of biomass pellets will be influenced. Discounts for you on website!

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