View Full Version : Need Help Please !! Hyundai-Kia VX500 Spindle V-Belt

05-03-2016, 11:17 PM
Can anyone please help us. We have a Hyundai-Kia VX 500 machining centre that has snapped the V-Belt between the drive motor and the spindle. Can anyone offer any diagrams or manuals on how to change the V-Belt or does anyone know of a person we could contact to fix it for us. We are located in Wollongong, NSW Australia. Thanks in advance .. Dale

06-01-2016, 09:38 AM
You should have a dealer in Brisbane Australia - check the website below.


Typically to replace the belts, you will loosen the spindle motor, slip off the old belts. You may need to disconnect spindle thru coolant and clamp cylinder hoses, etc. in order to get them completely off. Then re-install belts and re-connect what was disconnected. It's may not be a fun job, but you will save a lot of dough if you tackle it yourself. The belts will be fairly snug with about 7mm deflection when pushing hard with your fingers. If they squeak when starting and stopping the spindle, they are still too loose.

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