View Full Version : How to Meet Demands of Client for Wood Chip Dryer?

04-21-2016, 11:16 PM
Along with the increase of level for tasting life, many customers have changed their demand for wood chip dryer from quantity to quality. They are more likely to enjoy the benefits that wood chip dryer brings for. As a professional supplier of wood shavings dryer, Fote Machinery has done a lot of efforts to make products more capable to meet the all-round demands of customers.


Supported by the world-level production lines, first-class modern testing base and several state-level machinery research institutions, Fote always holds the service spirit that customer as God and quality as life. With strict quality control as the base for further development, we Fote firmly believe that we would be seriously punished by the market if product quality is poor.

By searching materials on website, you can clearly find out that there are many types of wood chip dryer. After being delivered into the rotary drum and dispersed by the lifting boards, wet chips can fully contact with the hot air and be gradually dried under the sufficient transfer of heat and quality.

After the drying work of wood chip dryer, finished products can be discharged out under the work of lifting boards and heating mediums. With remarkable features of high output, low energy consumption and small floor space, wood shavings dryer is more and more popular around the world markets.

To extend the world markets, Fote Machinery can offer the discount for you on website! By leaving messages on website, you can get it.

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