View Full Version : How to Make Wood Pellet Mill be Free of Failures?

04-15-2016, 05:27 AM
If loads on dynamo of wood pellet mill are not stable, you will see the pointer for showing the working current of main motor on electrical cabinet swings in large amplitude. At first, you should check the working condition of frequency converter. Then, you should check whether fodder briquettes adhere on the screw and shell in the feeding part.


Thirdly, you should adjust the distance between press roller and ring die. At last, you should recycle the coarse powders and materials in the system. Besides, you should ensure the raw materials and additive solution fully mix together. If biomass particles produced by wood pellet machine are not even in length, you should do the following things.

At first, you should check the installing place of cutting blade. Then, you should make the loads on three press rollers consistent with each other and check the working condition of feeding cone and scraper. At last, you should ensure that all the die holes can be filled with fodders. If die holes are blocked, you should clean them carefully.

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To deal with this problem, you should check the wear of ring die, adjust the place of cutting blade, make productivity increase in proportion to the loads on motor and check the size of powdered materials. Discounts for you on website of FTM China Machinery (http://www.woodpelletmillsell.com/about/contact.html)!

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