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04-13-2016, 01:38 AM
As we all know, the heat source for drying wood shavings dryer (http://www.ft-dryer.com/products/wood-chip-dryer.html) is commonly offered by fuels, heat carrier and electric energy, etc. When it refers to the selection of heat source, we should pay much attention to the following points. Firstly, it can satisfy the demands of product quality. The heating temperature and clean degree of heat source have great influence on product quality. Secondly, it can meet the demands of environmental protection. Some heat sources are easy to produce poisonous gas and smell, which are bad for human health and surrounded environment, so these sources should be used carefully and cautiously.


Thirdly, it should be economical and accessible. The selection of heat source should be in accordance with the local conditions. Fourthly, it should be safe and reliable. This point is extremely important for direct-fired heat sources. Since some raw material are flammable, explosive and easily oxidized, it is better to choose the indirect-fired heat sources. If it is necessary to use the direct-fired heat sources, specific measures for flame and explosion should be made in advance. At last, it is easy to operate. Easier the operation of heat source, higher the output of wood chip dryer (http://www.ft-dryer.com/about/contact.html).

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