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03-30-2016, 12:14 AM
I've used NC Plot successfully to generate tool paths by converting DXF files to g code. But today I have found a stubborn problem with this feature of the program.
I have a 3 inch circle I'm milling and I have a short lead in and lead out for a good finish. These leads are little arcs about 100 thou long. When NC Plot converts the DXF file to G code it always starts with the circle, then one of the leads, and then the other lead in or out. There must be a way to select the proper order but I can't figure it out. I've read the manual and used trial and error extensively to no avail. Anyone using NC PLot for DXF converting? How do you control the tool path order?

03-30-2016, 09:19 AM
NcPlot converts in the order the geometry is created in. If you create the lead-in arc on the first layer
followed by the 3 inch dia.circle on the second layer then the lead-out arc on the third then export, you
should get what you want. To verify this, type in the following in NcPlot:


Then export DXF and import DXF back in, you'll notice the geometry will be in the same order as coded

hope that helps

03-31-2016, 12:37 AM
Your example worked just as you described. I am using DXF files generated with Sold Works though. I'm not certain how to create my geometry on different layers.

When I export a DXF file I have the option to select Views to export and I believe I have seen multiple layers when I have messed with exporting all the views.

03-31-2016, 03:51 AM
Did you try already to chain during import ?


03-31-2016, 08:07 AM
In Solidworks if you create three sketches, first sketch (lead-in), second sketch (circle), third sketch (lead-out) then you'll get what you need.

04-03-2016, 12:33 PM
In Solidworks if you create three sketches, first sketch (lead-in), second sketch (circle), third sketch (lead-out) then you'll get what you need.

I gave that a try just now and it didn't work. All the sketches were put on the same layer. I'm looking into layers, it seems if i could just get each arc on a different layer I'd be golden. I think i was able to create a multi layered DXF file by selecting all views while saving the file as a DXF. I could possibly move each arc to a different view but that's a bit tedious. I'm also going to experiment with different DXF formats while saving my DXF files.

04-04-2016, 08:00 AM
Not sure why it didn't work for you, I did it before I posted a solution. My file has 3 sketches in the project tree that have the individual entities in each sketch, when exported for NCPlot it worked fine and the path can also be reversed using reverse chain while Importing. The 3 individual sketches are like having 3 layers with a sketch on each layer. When creating the geometry make sure they are defined correctly. hope it works for you

04-08-2016, 01:14 AM
I wonder what version of dxf file are you exporting? I was using setting R2013. NcPlot was always starting my circle at the 3 o'clock position as well. How did you draw your circle in Solid Works? I started at the middle and then clicked the 12 o'clock position. Thanks for your help.

04-08-2016, 07:52 AM
I'm using the latest SolidWorks, I created the circle the same except snapping on the first sketch arc end point, if you set the first sketch to show then you can snap to it. Just curious, are you using a part file or drawing file?, I'm using a part file.

04-08-2016, 08:29 AM
SolidWorks may not be the best way to get what you want, DraftSight, which is a free software from Solidworks does the job well, it's similar to AutoCad and is easier to control start and end of the geometry. I was easily able to export to NCPlot with expected results, all on same layer, if on different layers NCPlot imports as non continuous tool path