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03-23-2016, 11:03 PM
If molding temperature is low and curing degree of raw material is poor, biomass pellets produced by sawdust pellet mill will have cracks on surface. What’s worse, output of sawdust pellet mill will be quite low. Confronted with this situation, you should improve the modulating temperature and increase the steam amount. If compressing ratio of ring die is small, surface of pellets will be too coarse. More seriously, content of powders in finished products will be very high.


To solve this problem, you can widen the compressing holes and increase the compressing ratio. While, if surface of pellets is quite coarse while they are too hard, you should blame this situation to the quite large compressing ratio. If water content in raw materials is too high, output of sawdust pellet mill will be quite low. What’s worse, sawdust pellet machine of FTM China Machinery may be blocked during the working process.

Maybe, these consequences are caused by the working failure of reducing valve and drain valve. By adjusting the reducing valve, you can make the steam pressure varying from the 0.1MPa to 0.4MPa. Meanwhile, you can increase the temperature for modulating raw materials. Temperature increase is favorable for the improvement of cultivated degree. If length of biomass pellets is not even, you can adjust the blade location.

If the current error between two dynamos is relatively large, you should adjust the tension degrees of belt on two dynamos and make them consistent with each other. Interested in the price of sawdust pellet mill? Leave messages on website to get the discounts that FTM China Machinery prepares for you!

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