View Full Version : Mill tool changer without auto drawbar?

03-02-2016, 12:51 PM
(Just a basic CNC theory question...)

Is it possible to have an automatic tool changer on a mill without an automatic drawbar in the mill head?

It so far appears that an auto drawbar is the only way to seat and lock/unlock the tool's conical mating surface, but I do not know. Perhaps there are other ways to do it?

03-02-2016, 04:11 PM
I have an older Bridgeport Boss 5 mill with an Erikson Quick Change 30 Spindle on it. This set up does not use a drawbar, the tool holder is pushed into the taper from a special "nut" on the bottom of the spindle. The nut is tightened to push the holder in and when it come time to remove the tool it is lossend a 1/4 turn to break the tool free from the taper. One could make a tool changer that works in this fashion I suppose.