View Full Version : Role of Wood Pellet Mill for Low-carbon Economy

02-27-2016, 03:06 AM
Under the present situations, low-carbon economy is based on the aims to significantly reduce the emission of carbon dioxide, improve the utilization rate of resources and realize the sustainable development of economy. Biomass energy, of great potential and advantages, is the stimulus for realizing the sustainable development. Wood pellet mill, with the amazing ability to turn wastes into things of great value, can produce the biomass energies.


Featured in the high thermal efficiency and great environmental protection, biomass particles with low content of ash, sulfur and nitrogen can take the places of natural resources like coal, oil and natural gas. In a word, application of biomass particles is of great economic, social and environmental benefits. As the cornerstone for the continuous supply of biomass particles, wood pellet mill of FTM China Machinery is more and more popular in recent years.

With wide application ranges, wood pellet mill can process the agricultural and forestry wastes like wheat straw, cotton straw, corn straw, peanut shell, weedtree, corn cob and rice hull, etc. To form the production line of biomass particles, wood pellet mill should be equipped with a series of devices for milling, agitating, iron dedusting, mechanical feeding, analogue supervision, mixing and cooling, etc.

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