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02-13-2016, 07:20 AM
I need do clone a CNC Machine (Trumpf TruPunch 3000) Harddisk (FUJITSU MHT 2030AT 30GB) before it break down. At first the CNC Harddisk not allow to install any
software, i have to transfer the CNC Harddisk to another PC to clone it, i use the IDE to USB Adapter connect the CNC Harddisk to one of the PC USB Port, and also
connect a new Harddisk (FUJITSU MHT 2030AT 30GB) to another PC USB Port. The PC OS platform is Windows XP with GHOST 2003 software installed.
I run the GHOST 2003 , selected Source and destination Disk , start clone , the result is successfully, i put the new Harddisk to the CNC Machine, power on,
the OS (Windows NT V4.0) booted, when the machine software is booted an error message came out (At least one of the driver failure), the machine hang all the way.
the Harddisk with 6 partition (DOS_SYSTEM FAT) , (NT_SYSTEM NTFS) , (NT_SERVICE NTFS) , (IMAGE FAT) , (TCO_TOPS NTFS) , (TCO_MMC NTFS)
Please give me an advice if you know how to clone the Harddisk with the right way.
Best Regards,
Yap Len Chong

12-27-2018, 08:54 AM

1st: Clear al the partitions on destination harddisk. (not needed - but for saafe).

2nd: Clone the hdd exacty. Same partitions size,etc.

I recomend make a img file with DD (Linux - Copy sector by sector.)

Best regards.