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12-31-2006, 05:50 PM
This is my first post in this forum. Where to start...
I'm in partnership with a friend who is a regional CNC guru, freelance type. He is the real CNC expert in our outfit, I am on a steep and fast learning curve, whoopee. My partner has an incredibly deep grasp of the innards of CNC routers especially, and does engineering in Alphacam and is conversant in most other cad-cam programs.

I supply the quickbooks and the people skills. We just (sept 2006) set up our LLP (limited liability partnership) in Vermont. It is called NEK Industrial Arts, LLP. We believe that it is probably smart to keep diverse especially during the startup years of our endeavor. To this end, we also have skills in commercial and residential building, especially all kinds of remodeling.

Our intention is to develop a customer base, founded upon mutual trust and upon principles of skill development and learning. We see ourselves fulfilling 2 specific needs of CNC woodworking operations. The first need has has to do with machine maintenance and repair, while the second has to do with programming. I think that as time goes on, my partner will become known as the primary programming expert while I will probably be mostly concerned with the mechanical end of things.

The reason I chose this, the mentoring forum, as my first posting is because I am indeed in a learning/apprenticeship status, while my partner is very much the mentor in the sense that he has the knowledge, and he loves to share and teach.

We travel throughout New England to service a small, growing list of manufacturing companies who rely on us to keep their CNC machines running. Currently, my partner is in a long term arrangement with a major container corporation, helping them get their engineering dept process up to speed and caught up with corrections in their BOM files.

This is very good for our company, of course, but the situation leaves me in a bit of a limbo, because now he does not really have time to complete my training. I can get all the remodeling jobs I want, but this keeps me from learning what I need to be able to service CNC customers on my own, and I really would rather be doing CNC--I guess I have been bitten by the bug.

So--any mentors out there wanting a mature, alert, and capable helper on any of your maintenance jobs would be very welcome! Any suggestions?