View Full Version : OK... I'm going to start building !

12-29-2006, 12:54 PM
Hello Everyone,

I found this site almost a year ago and have since been eyeing up all your great routers. Well, I finally decided I wanted to build one. Just hit the pay button and bought the Solsylva plans from David Steele. I plan on bulding the 24" x 36" design, after looking at many different ideas this table seemed to suit my needs best. And being a complete newbie to this stuff, there's no way I could design a better one on my own.

So anyway, I've put together a list of componets that will go into it and have been thinking about the construction. I've been an avid woodworker and DIY'er for most of my years and am confident in being able to complete the build.

For the main table, I've decided to use 3/4" MDF and build it as a torsion box construction, this, I beleive should maintain a very flat, level and square table. A sacrificial board can then be placed on top of this for thru routing.

The main construction of the crossmembers, rails and gantry will be made from hard (rock) maple. This will allow me to maintain tolerances within 100's of an inch across the L,W and H and a unit that has almost the rigidness of steel.

For the control and motors, a 3-axis xylotex kit will be used. And the G-code processor will be the Mach3 software. I already have a PC that should be up to the task.

The design software will be a combination of CorelDraw and the V-Carve software. I was very impressed looking over the V-Carve software, yeah it costs, but this whole build is for the business, so I need something that will get results. Plus I know nothing about CAD or 3D software.

I have read most of the other threads I could find about the Solsylva machine and lots of other posts in general, but if anyone has any other advice, your thoughts will be most appreciated. :wave: