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01-15-2016, 12:11 PM
Well it finally happened mid run, a stepper motor drive blew up. It's hard to find anything out on these Chinese knock off OEM drives. Here's what they told me.
They recommended a GeckoDrive 203V since they were having problems with their OEM vendor with bad drives. They gave me the following company info where they purchase drives in Minnesota.
Microstep Drive, a PWM Chopper, providing Bipolar drive for 2-Phase stepping motors (http://www.kimcontrols.com/item/KC2000) Model Prodrive-2000.

The only change with the 203V was to make sure you have a wire going from pin 10 (opto-isolated common) to the DIN rail ground which is computer ground or 0V.

If you have a ShopSabre with these Chinese stepper drives you may want to check the 5 socket head cap screws that hold the board to the heat sink are tight. On the drive that blew up they were loose and the two other drives needed to be tightened about a full turn as well.
I think the drive blew up because it overheated due to loose screws not holding the transistors tight to the thermal pad?

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