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12-15-2015, 02:24 AM
Chicken manure dryer machine, also named as chicken manure dryer, is mainly used to dry materials with water content less than 65% like chicken manure, duck manure, poultry manure and waste material of slaughtering, etc. The cow dung dryer is quite effective to exploring the fodder sources, reducing the feeding cost and reducing the environmental pollution. Being equipped with combustion furnace, dragon feeding device, rotary dryer, dragon discharging device, dust collector and fume exhaust system, the chicken manure dryer is featured in the great energy conservation and small energy consumption and high thermal efficiency.



Under the premise of no-damage for the product quality, chicken manure dryer machine can once complete the odor removal and insecticidal sterilization. Featured in the high thermal efficiency, chicken manure dryer can dry the chicken manures into products with water content less than 14%. In order to reduce the pollution, the whole drying process is carried out in an enclosed system.



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