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12-15-2006, 12:40 PM
Figured I'd start a thread on this, there's some things that make running out the code a bit easier and cleaner.

This is for mpost:

I wanted the R value to be model in drill cycles, but not in G02/G03 lines.

ModalLetters X Y Z F R

CwCode Force? Y
G02 X[h] Y[v] R[arcrad]

CCwCode Force? Y
G03 X[h] Y[v] R[arcrad]

Edited the toolchange code to go ahead and check to make sure the spindle speed wasn't set higher than what my machine can handle.

1stToolChange # First tool change
T[Tool] M06
N[BLOCK] G00 G[Work] G90 X[H] Y[V]
if [Speed] > 7500
S7500 M[Direct]
M[Direct] S[Speed]
G43 H[Lcomp] Z[D] M[Cool]

I know its nothing special, but if it helps out one person, it was worth the post ;)

12-20-2006, 01:32 PM
for mpost:
for on the fly editing of a current post added to surfcam , edit the PostForm.* file directly, not the post file that sits in the MPost dir. the Post Menu Wizard doesn't automagically update PostForm.* to your newly edited post file.