View Full Version : on behalf's of all off us lurkers i wanna say..

12-14-2006, 08:20 PM
first and foremost to this forum! and second to none, to all the good people showing patience with all of us NEWBS! i started reading this post wile back because i was looking for H-bridge ideas for my newly acquired basic stamp... and now i can cut with precision parts that otherwise would be impossible for me to prepare on my own... by reading this forum i have learned that RHINO can be your friend..... and that it is now! i also bought my very own mach licence not so much because i needed it.. but rather i felt that the people that created that software deserved it!! and now i am taking a liking to SHEET CAM and by the way !...LES.. make some room in your bank account for my contribution is soon coming!! very happy to say that i figured out how to create any size sprockets for any size chains using my trusted calculator and in conjunction with RHINO.and CNC milling ...( pretty cool for me) as i am always making things that requires a drive train of some sort......a little word of advise to the new people on here ...try reading the past post as it is most likely that someone already asked what you are looking for! that's what i did and it s all coming together now...cheers.