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11-30-2015, 03:03 AM
Sand dryer, also named as quartz sand drying machine, is a kind of dryer mainly used to deal materials like river sand, artificial sand, silica sand, yellow sand, mineral sand, mineral powder, grain slag, blast furnace slag, coal ash and coal cinder, etc. Featured in reliable operation, large operational flexibility and high working capacity, the river sand dryer can be widely used for industries like building material, metallurgy, food, chemical engineering, coal and mining, etc.


http://www.ft-dryer.com/products/Rotary-dryer.html (http://www.ft-dryer.com/products/Rotary-dryer.html)

Lifting boards, being installed in the sand rotary dryer, can disperse raw materials up and down, widen the contacting area between heating medium and raw material and accelerate the drying speed. The heating mediums are generally classified into the hot air and flue gas. Cyclone dust collector, being installed in the river sand dryer, can collect the raw material dispersed in hot air. To further reduce the dust content, you can equip the river sand dryer with the bag filter or dust washer.


Service is the part of product and competitive strength of enterprises. Fote Machinery always holds the service standard that users’ demand is the orientation to implement the service management, users’ satisfaction is goal to carry out the brand service. As for the service spirit of “enthusiasm, servant and faithfulness”, it should run through the whole service system. With the effort to make specialty classic, Fote will always regard the demands of customers as the persistent pursuit.

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