View Full Version : Problem Belovac Thermoforming machine glossing plastic HELP!

11-07-2015, 08:59 PM
Hey guys I'm a new user I've been looking around the forum for some time now looking for my answer but i haven't found anything so I'm starting a thread to help fix my thermo forming issue<br>
Details about the machine I'm working with Belovac Model C Class 24x48 <br>
Sheet size 24x48 (61 x 122cm) (Custom sizes available at request)<br>
Depth of draw 18 inches<br>
Fully adjustable material clamping<br>
Tooling table: 3 1/4" (8cm) Pneumatic drive cylinder 300lb (136kg) seal pressure with adjustable slotted track for rapid tool mounting<br>
Solid state programmable heat timing unit, coupled with programmable percentage control unit<br>
Heater Panel: 20,000 watts infared radiant panel, with size-down option<br>
Vacuum Pump: High volume, Hi-vacuum pump, Onboard 20 Gallon surge tank<br>
Construction: Post and Beam, Modular Frame System<br>
Recommended for plastics* ABS - PVC - PET - Poly styrene- kydex - Poly propylene<br>
Plastic gauges up to 1/4" (.64cm)<br>
Electric Requirements: Power requirement: 220 three phase 40 amps<br>
Right now I'm Heating Boltaron 4335 at 50% for 5 mins in that time I'm seeing glossing "Shiny" areas where the oven is over heating the plastic I have screened the oven with a Metal mesh to create heat deflection but I'm still getting glossing so i tried turning the heat down to 40 % and a wait time of 10 mins and the plastic won't get up to temp. I like to form at 370 degrees and I'm running out of ideas. Would a thin aluminum plate help shield the heat from the plastic and even out the heating?? Looking for ideas.<br>
Thanks <br>