View Full Version : Need Help! Dynatorch 6x12 Kaliburn ProLine 2150 Software Crash

09-06-2015, 08:02 PM
Machine: - 6'x12' Dynatorch Plasma w/ pneumatic engraver
- Kaliburn ProLine 2150 Plasma
- Dynatorch Console Software
- Pronest Nesting Software

Was hoping I could get some help here. I manage a 6x12 plasma manufactured by Dynatorch and my software crashes on a frequent basis. I have been told by previous operators that we were told we had a grounding issue due to high frequency(?). We have since installed an isolated ground that can be, so I'm told (I was not provided measurements), tested to very low resistances . We have also tested grounding issues throughout the machine and came up with nothing. All motor connections have been checked and we have done extensive testing to make sure our PC hardware is not the issue (though I guess it could be).

I have witnessed this happening under certain conditions:
- Dynatorch software crashes displaying "F50." as last command.
- Crashes after traveling, but before initiating z-axis torch height sensing for plasma cut
- Crash involves software entering "Not responding" mode in task manager

Going to try calling Dynatorch tommorow as well. Hopefully I will have some luck because this I killing my production times.

Thanks for reading,