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01-29-2004, 03:38 PM
Hello My name Pierre R. for Montreal,Quebec,Canada

I would like to no if is anyone got a list of material what i ned to converst 9x20 lathe to CNC. Can you send me the specs of the equipment and the list of material i ned to finalize my CNC Lathe.
(software / hardware, resistance power supply ??)

Thank you very much in advance for the attention that you will provide me.



01-29-2004, 05:15 PM
Pierre, It depends on wether you want to go the cheap route and source items off of ebay etc and build as you go, if so this requires a certain amount of pre-knowledge of electronic/mechanical etc. If you want to buy a package then start by looking or getting a quote from www.camsoft.com, if you buy a pre engineered package, there is a certain amount of support. otherwise you are on your own, except for people here that can answer the odd question.
Keep in mind that if this is a manual lathe, and you want a fair degree of accuracy, you will have to convert the lead screws to ballscrews and if you go with new precision ground, they can be very expensive (again, try ebay).
Do you want to do CNC threading? if so you will need a spindle encoder driven off of the final drive to the chuck, (not the spindle motor).
Personally, I would prefer to get hold of a small lathe that is already CNC but needs a new control, and just retro-fit the controller, this way you usually have the motors, ballscrews etc in place.
I hope I don't sound too negative here, but it's good to know what you are up against, if you are new to the retro-fit experience.