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11-23-2006, 02:07 PM
Hope this the right place..........

I just got a 1983 Ikegai lathe with a Yasnac 2000g control and a
Varispeed 626 MT CIMR-MT-CA-3T running the spindle. After hunting down the parameters and getting them plugged in I reduced the error codes down to 1. Spindle error. The control manual said it was a fuse or thermocouple that was causing the alarm. I can't find this to be the case. The drive has a vertical bank of round LED's that I can only assume to be some sort of diagnostic display predating the Digit type LED's on modern drives.

I downloaded the oldest Varispeed manual from Yaskawa but it is for the
MT-II, I must have the MT-I? The MT-II has a 5 digit LED display that actually sends error code numbers, mine must do the same with combinations of single LED's.

BTW- I am using a smaller phase converter than I will be when I fire up the spindle, I am just trying to get the control back into shape and possibly jog some servos! Maybe the small phase converter is not allowing the inverter to completely come online?

Please advise-


04-27-2009, 09:38 AM
You can download the MT1 manual here:

Hope this helps...

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