View Full Version : FTV 2 Lagun mill gets treadmill motor replacement.

machining fool
08-01-2015, 04:12 PM
I am in the process of installing a 2.25 hp treadmill motor on my Lagun mill. The reason is these Lagun motors are too expensive and to get one rewound is expensive also. I bought a treadmill for 55.00, two pulleys, 90.00, two T nut straps and am putting them together. I have powered 4 of my machines with treadmill motors and controllers and haven't had a problem yet. Here are some pictures. The reason that I am doing it this way is simplicity, I am using the original treadmill mount, don't have to fabricate one, wouldn't know where to put it anyway. I still retain the high and low rpm band of the original mill, variable speed belt drive, and also variable speed of the treadmill motor and it also has reverse. Any comments are welcome, Robert Brown- machining fool

machining fool
08-02-2015, 02:46 PM
Today I mounted the treadmill motor on the mill and started to organize where the controls will go. I am keeping it simple, so I believe I can accomplish the install without cutting any wires. I am mounting the control with a plywood box hanging it from the inspection hole underneath the ram. Tomorrow I hop to have it running, here are some pictures. Robert Brown machining fool288588288590288592288594288596

machining fool
08-04-2015, 04:19 PM
Well, since I last posted, I ran into a problem with size of the pulleys. The drive pulley on the treadmill was too big, it was 4 inches, the mill was too slow, so I took the original flywheel-pulley from the treadmill and cut off the flywheel portion and installed it with two set screws on the treadmill motor. I am using the same type belt as the treadmill, a 380j8 belt a micro poly-groove belt. I am using the same large pulley, 8 inch V type pulley, but to run the new belt on it, I cut the V belt and glued it with CA, around the large pulley so that the new belt would ride on it as a flat pulley. The mill runs smooth. In high gear, the spindle runs at 2000 rpm and can run higher, but at this speed it is not much of a load on the treadmill motor. Runs well when I change the gear box into low also. Here are a couple of pictures and a video. Robert Brown machining fool.288814288816

machining fool
08-05-2015, 04:01 PM
288928Well, today I shortened some wires, hooked up the reverse switch, installed an expansion pin in the small treadmill pulley for reversing and re-installed the control box. I am also on the Homemade tools forum and there is a more in depth record of the install, go to forums, homemade tools and go to treadmill motor adaptation to Lagun mill. Here are the final pictures of the installation, the project is done. Robert Brown machining fool288926

machining fool
08-08-2015, 11:02 AM
Yesterday I installed an ammeter to see just how much amperage the motor is required to pull. In low speed, it pulled 6 amps, well below the continuous mark. In high speed, it pulled 8 amps, still below the continuous requirement. The high speed spindle was turning at 2000 rpm and I could still adjust the belt driven variable drive higher. The control was both set at max. for these readings. Here are some pics. Robert Brown machining fool289200289202289204289206