View Full Version : Introduce High Performance Metal Powder Briquetting Machine

07-30-2015, 03:44 AM
Metal powder briquette machine is the equipment specially designed for pressing iron powder into block. By replacing the mold, the machine can also be used for the pressing molding in metallurgy, refractory, machinery and chemicals. The machine adopts hydraulic transmission and pressing; products with different specifications and models can be produced by the replacement of mold. The metal powder briquette machine is the ideal equipment for pressing molding with the features of reasonable structure, easy operation and high automation. (http://www.ballpress-machine.com/p-1.html)
The good performance briquette press machine (http://www.foteinfo.com/briquette-machine.html) has the three high characteristics: high density high strength, high hardness.Because of the mandatory squeeze rollers, so the products have high density, high strength, high hardness, and the local roll is used in 650Mn hard materials with good wear resistance. Effectively improve the life of a roll.
Metal powder briquette press is cold press granulated scrap iron, scrap steel, copper scrap, aluminum scrap into 3 ~ 6 kg cylinder or round cake, with convenient transportation, furnace, the whole process does not need heating, additive, or other process, iron can directly down from gold processing pressed into cakes. After pressing the iron density can reach more than 3, when the casting according to the proportion of 20% mixed to iron cast furnace, to produce the qualified castings. Cupola after transformation, complete with 100% cake instead of pig iron casting, above grade can reach HT200.
Metal powder briquette press using hydraulic transmission, PLC automatic control and low failure rate,stable running,main engine adopted four pillar type construction.without foot screw installation, adopts whole steel structure, high strength, good stability. Hydraulic station system use unique cooling system, the temperature of the oil is not easy to rise, oil redesign the fast system, make you more time, higher output of province class. Automatic feeding mechanism,the unique characteristics of metal scraps press block machine is easy to operate, saves more labor resources.
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