View Full Version : Tooling for Bridgport fagor control CNC

11-20-2006, 01:39 PM
Hey Guys-
Need some quick advise.

Background: I run a small machine shop and I am just getting familar with the new machine. I really have only used cheap mcmaster and enco mills on our manual bridgeport and need to improve on quality. I would like to make a good investment in some quality tools and money shouldn't be much of a problem so I need your help to stock up.

I work manly with 6061Al.

I need some roughing tools, facing tools and some kick-butt mills. I have a air cool sprayer and we squirt tap master to lube up. I have never used inserts and very curious how and when to use them.

Please recommend me on type, coated/uncoated, brand, # flutes or inserts.

much appreciated and open for questions,