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07-14-2015, 08:48 PM
As I continue to try to learn, I've been mucking around with a personal project of mine which involves a little profiling. In a nutshell I'm trying to create a pocket that has an island with a 3d profile to it. It's a fairly small part, 2x1.5x.375" and as such with the island to get into some of the crevices I need to use a 1/16 endmill. Now I can rough it all with a 1/16" endmill but it takes forever, and is pretty absurd to be using for the vast majority of the roughing.

So my thought process was:
3/16" endmill rough
1/8" endmill rough
1/16 endmill rough
1/16 endmill finish walls/floors
3/32 ballmill profile the island

So I start out well, Variable-Z rough with the 3/16.

But whenever I try to add another variable-z rough after with the 1/8 endmill, esprit always crashed. I get an unhandled exception error, every single damn time. The exception error says this is an indication of bad memory, and I'm not going to lie and say I'm working on the worlds best machine, but I know for a fact my memory is not corrupt. I've tried quite literally everything, played with every setting and I cannot seem to add in a second roughing operation. Im choosing the variable z roughing because it has more options and I am not a fan of zigzag or offset roughing.

The easy solution to get a part out would be to just 1/16 rough it all.. and if this was an actual job and I was in a time crunch well I would have just said **** it and posted the code and let the roughing cycle be 3x longer than it should.. but this isn't ideal. Its just plain not right.

If anyone has any idea what I may be doing wrong here I would love to know. I even went so far as to turn all the tolerances way down, set the automation grid to stupidly coarse values, set only the specific previous operation in case anything was buggering it and so on and so forth. Im getting a really good handle on all the options but this is pretty annoying.


Secondly, STL model. I was reading through the help files and noticed I could create an STL model of the left over materal after a roughing operation, and thought maybe I could create the model and then use that for the second roughing operation and so on and so forth.. Well, this doesn't seem to be working either and I think its the "boundary" option thats confusing me. See, I get the STL model made and it shows so of the leftover material on the OD boundary of the pocket, but in terms of the floor and the island, it doesnt seem to recognize them for some reason, I can actually see the steps from the underside rather than what should be the negative of the actual floor/island profiles.. so that doesn't seem to be working at all for me either. Also I have a question in terms of selecting the triangle etc size.. for profiling I set my finishing tolerance to .00002 at minimum, but if I set a grid size of anything less than .001 the number of triangles explodes into the 10s or 100s of millions and my comp just locks right up. But at .001 the STL model looks rough and jagged as hell and surely its not going to leave me with anything of a good toolpath.. right?

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thansk!


I meant STL Feature.. I figured a little bit more out but to me anyway, it seems easier to save the current stock state in the simulation after a given operation, then open that saved .stl file, merge it into esprit in another layer, and then create another "copy" freeform operation for each successive rough, where all the surfaces selected are the same, only you pick which simulation state stl you want to use as the stock, thereby not needing to use the automation in the links.. seemed to work all nice.. but still crash. crash crash crash. frustrating the ****ing bonkers out of me.

I found if I switched the tool to a 1/8 ballmill instead of an 1/8 endmill, with the exact same paramters.. it works. Go figure.. why the ****??? Gaaaaaaaaaaah If I change from Profitmilling to say offset in, then it takes the 1/8 endmill and generates a path. These little buggy annoyances are literally driving me ****ing bananas. This is absolute horse****

07-15-2015, 09:31 AM
It appears that even if I go with the less than desireable toolpath options which I can get to generate without Esprit crashing, that they really don't recognize the stock correctly nor the previous operations.

For example, my 3/16" endmill roughing operation is set to leave .005"; When I add the next roughing operation with 1/8 endmill all sorts of aircuts are generated, and it recuts the same floors that the 3/16 did. This happens regardless of the method of identifying the previous machining operations. The same toolpath is generated whether I use automation recognising the 3/16 rough path, or whether I use the second freeform feature with the STL simulation state model (from the 3/16 operation) identified as the stock. Same rough settings, tolerances, etc.. why would it recut the same floors? What is the purpose of the recognition if it does this? Gah. Granted it does recognise most of it, but I'm easily wasting 1/2 the time aircutting still.. Even when I could get a second variable-z rough operation to run with the 1/8 ballmill, it still cut over the same floors at the exact same depth the 3/16 endmill did. Makes absolutely no sense to me.

Another thing I tried was to just create a feature of just the floor and the OD walls, ignoring the ID profile, which I figured I'd rough secondly. I set my boundaries to the OD wall and the island, but then I get all sorts of overcuts into the OD walls and the island, and it is all janky and lopsided and doesnt actually leave a straight wall..

This is honestly so frustrating :\ I can see why the other guys at work pretty much entirely gave up on this

07-25-2015, 03:06 PM
What version of Esprit are you running?
I think I could fix this for you...just need your file. Post it up here and Ill have a look. If you can't upload it let me know and Ill give you an email address you can send it to.