View Full Version : Analyze Debugging Failures of High Pressure Briquette Machine

06-27-2015, 06:54 AM
High pressure briquetting machine can suppress all kinds of powder materials like magnesia, bauxite, dolomite, iron powder, lignite, coal powder, iron powder, coking coal, aluminum, iron, tin oxide, carbon powder, coal powder, slag, gypsum, tailings, sludge, kaolin clay, activated carbon, coke, etc, with forced pressurization method. In addition to the high pressure briquetting machine itself stoppage, installation debugging failures encountered mostly caused by an external device.
1. video rolling
The high pressure briquetting machine (http://www.ballpress-machine.com/p_12.html) video images roll on the monitor, this phenomenon ismostly caused by video synchronization. The machine mostly automatically synchronizedaccording to the phase of the AC power, adjust the machine's menu and choose the phaseautomatic synchronization function. If because the power phase led to the automaticsynchronization fails, you can set the phase value in the menu of the high pressure briquettingmachine to solve synchronization problems.
2. control garbled
When the high pressure briquetting machine rotates randomly, first check whether the centerequipment has malfunction, and then check whether the high pressure briquetting machine menustarts random scan mode. If the above steps are normal, mostly due to the data communicationline interference, uninterrupted sent garbled information. Interference mainly comes fromelectromagnetic interference on the transmission path, while the optical deviation may also occur in the photoelectric restore.
3. high pressure briquetting machine repeatedly restart
High pressure briquetting machine repeatedly restart usually is caused by low power supplypower, not enough to drive briquetting machine working properly. First test with a multimeter to detect high pressure briquetting machine supply voltage, measure should be took under the load open situation, to determine whether there is power supply problem. Particular note is theoutdoor high pressure briquetting machine wasting power are different extremely between theheater open and closed, the power supply must consider the maximum power of the briquetting machine (http://www.foteinfo.com/briquette-machine.html), to ensure enough power unit to drive the briquetting machine work normally.
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