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06-27-2015, 06:53 AM
Coal briquetting machine is also called coal briquette press machine, which can press powdered or granular coal slime, raw coal and lignite coal into spherical shape, oval shape and flat shape with strong pressure. Coal briquette machine is an environmental protection machinery, now under the background of environmental protection in the society, utilization will be more and more in the future, purchase will also growing, this kind of situation will lead to price fluctuation of the machine, maybe sometimes will increase dramatically, In order to reduce unnecessary spending, do more of this understanding also is very good, in order to avoid become the slaughter the lamb when buy out more than necessary.
The price of the coal briquette machine is caused by many factors, single factor will not be able to take a decisive role, need to consider comprehensively. Concrete is pided into the selection of raw materials, labor and production efficiency. These are the main factors of price fluctuation. These are the main factors affect coal briquette machine price basically, considering these problems, basically approximate price will come out. There is one more point customers need to recognize the product quality. Because only under the condition of the quality pass to consider the price again to ensure that in the later work not because of product quality go wrong no matter what the price to be. To control these aspects, understanding in place, basically can roughly judge whether the manufacturers in order to make more money and false price.
1. the Labour force, If the model is large, put too much manpower material resources, so the price relative will be on the high side.
2. the original cost, known as raw materials, now the price rise on the price of equipment has the decisive factor, raw material increased, the price of the raw coal briquette machine also follow up, this is inevitable.
3. the problem of the overall production efficiency, production efficiency, under normal circumstances are similar, but if more urgent, you need to work overtime processing, and to ensure the quality pass, so will the corresponding higher prices.
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