View Full Version : How to Deal with the Problems in Briquette Machine?

06-27-2015, 06:52 AM
Briquetting machine is an ideal mechanical equipment designed for processing powdery materials, such as nonferrous metal powder and mineral powders. This machine has found wide application in coal industry, metallurgy industry, chemical industry, etc. Briquette press machine can perfectly turn waste powder into useful briquettes used for metal smelting, etc. thus helping you make full use of mineral resources.
Briquette making machine if improper use or use time too long, are prone to failure, the fault of installation and debugging are mostly caused by external devices. Video image of briquette making machine (http://www.ballpress-machine.com/briquette-press-machine.html) under the monitor continuous rolling, mostly caused by the video sync issues. The ball machine mostly according to the phase of the AC power source for automatic synchronization, brings up a menu of the ball machine, select phase automatic synchronization function. If the power phase results in automatic synchronization failure, also can be manually phase values in the menu to solve the synchronization problems.
Sometimes briquette making machine (http://www.paradisedivingasia.com/equipment/briquette-machine.html) need to restart, often because the power supply power is low, not enough to drive the machine to work properly. Should first multimeter is used to inspect the machine power supply voltage, must under the condition of the load briquette making machine opens measurement, determine whether there is a power supply problem. Especially it is important to note that the outdoor ball machine when heater open and don't open the consumption of power is far. When there was a random rotation briquette machine, first check whether any wrong operation center equipment, then check that the machine whether start the random scanning mode menu. If not, mostly due to data communication lines caused by interference and uninterrupted send the code information. Interference mainly from electromagnetic interference in the transmission path, and when the optical transceiver in the photoelectric reduction may also appear deviation.
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