View Full Version : What kind of bits to use for through hole application on plywood? CNC

06-03-2015, 06:03 PM
Hello everyone, Newbie with a question.
I'm trying to find a bit that will make my jobs more efficient. I'm currently trying to drill around 250, 1/4" diameter holes on squared plywood panels 1/4" thick. Thats it, nothing else but straight through holes. I have a 3 axis cnc table with a hitachi m12vc router. I want to be able to drill each hole in one single pass since the plywood is 1/4" thick anyway. So far I've tried 2 flute Compression spiral end mills, up, down cut bits and single flute bits with ok, not so efficient results. I want to start trying out drill bits but I've read on some forums that this shouldn't be done, others say that they currently do it. After watching this video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Vq1k4rvf3E&index=69&list=WL ) I know that this can be accomplished. On the description, the person says that they're using a brad point drill at around 5000 rpm. My router at its slowest setting goes at around 8000 rpm.
On the Gwizard Calculator, with plywood as the material and "HP Carbide Twist Drill" as the tool the rpm given is 12545 rpm, does this sound right?
What kind of end mill, drill bit, brad point or any other can I use for this purpose?

Any help and guidance will be much appreciated!