View Full Version : Deal with Main Shaft Vibration of Cotton Stalk Pellet Machine

05-29-2015, 05:44 AM
Cotton stalk pellet machine is used to pelletize stalk, corn straw, wood shavings and so on, which is very popular in the market. However, the vibration of main shaft greatly affects the production efficiency. Then what’s the reason for that and how to solve the problems.
In general, there are several reasons for the vibration of main shaft of cotton stalk pellet machine.
1. The fence of main shaft is out of shape or the bearing is wearing.
2. The bottom of main shaft is not tightened up or can not be tightened up.
3. The inside hole of ring die is out of roundness and the clearance of the two roller are not uniform.
4. The safety pinch and safety pinch cover has too big clearance, and the safety pin and the pin basis has too big clearance.
The above four points are the main reason for the vibration of main shaft, and how to resolve the problem.
1. check up the main shaft of the cotton stalk pellet mill is tighten or not. Unpack the diesel engine system and unpack the pressing ring of main shaft, to check up the butterfly spring deformed or not. If the butterfly spring becomes flat, the new butterfly spring should be replaced.
2. tighten up the pinch screw on the main cover and examine the main shaft is vibrate or not with the machine on. If it still vibrates, the main pressing ring should be unpacked. Used a copper rod to pad the main shaft and use a mash hammer to unpack the main shaft to the direction of ring die. Then unpack the sealing cover of main shaft to check up the main shaft broken or not. If the clearance is too big, unpack the bearing and replace a new bearing. Then install the main shaft in order and tighten up.
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