View Full Version : It Is Necessary to Use Wood Pellet Mill in Ring Way

05-29-2015, 05:43 AM
Wood pellet mill is suitable for sawdust, straw, wood shavings, sunflower seed shell, etc. therefore, the biomass pellet machine is popular in the market. However, so what are the differences and what is the result when you misuse a wood pellet mill?
One result is that it will destroy the pellet mill a lot when use a wrong pellet mill. For instance, you wish to produce wood pellets for fuel, which requires more heat, more compression and more power to generate a pellet of sufficient density. Thus you need a die deep enough to provide the required compression. To begin with the pellet mills (http://www.paradisedivingasia.com/equipment/pellet-machine.html) rotating at a higher speed. This is fine for animal feed but far too fast for wood pellets. That high speed puts even more strain on the motor. Besides, the holes are simply too short to offer enough compression and the holes are too rough which causes them to block. However, if you misuse a pellet mill, it will slow down and eventually break down.
Another results, which are the most important one, is that the pellets it produces own a low density. In appearance, the final pellets may appear very similar; however, it's the density of the pellet that determines the quality of the final product. Pellet density is one of the most critical factors in how well they burn. Many of wood pellets are low in density, although they appear to have a high efficiency, which all due to the poor quality pellet mill dies that they choose. In another word, they misuse a pellet mill which is used for processing low density materials like grass to produce wood pellets, which actually need a pellet mill which can work under the situation of high pressure and low rotor speed.
One die is not suitable for both biomass materials and feed materials. With the wrong pellet mill you not achieve sufficient pellets density although the pellets may look fine, and may have a good shape and surface shine. Meanwhile, the pellet mill you choose is easily broken under horizontal pressure.
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