View Full Version : Roland MDX-20 question

05-15-2015, 09:10 AM
I have the opportunity to get a hardly used if ever used - 2011 Roland MDX-20 at a good price. I currently have a 2x4 cnc router table and an Epilog Helix laser, I am in need of something that I can do some prototype PCB's on. I have seen this machine do them in many videos.

Any thoughts on this machine, I was hoping to use it for other business work, it has a pretty small work space. I was asked to use it to also cut holes in aluminum plates that are on the end of guitar pedal boxes, not quite 1/8 inch think, but was told it would not do that.

looking for any input on this before I jump into it, putting money into this instead of into something else



05-15-2015, 03:25 PM
The MDX-20 can cut the traces and drill holes for PCBs, if they aren't too fine. The spindle, which runs at 6500 RPM max, would be the limiting factor; very fine traces require small tools and a faster spindle. I wouldn't recommend it for drilling the holes in your aluminum plates, since the spindle doesn't have enough torque for that, although it could be used to make divots where the holes should go. One nice feature that this machine has is the ability to scan parts and produce STL files. But anything that is over 2.4 inches high won't fit under the bridge, so it's mostly useful for scanning or milling small, relatively flat parts.