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04-13-2015, 08:43 PM
Biomass wood pellet plant is a complete line for producing wood waste into wood pellets mainly used to generate heat or electricity. The raw materials range from wood chips (either hardwood or softwood), sawdust, crop waste, palm fiber, and so on. For people who want to establish a wood pellet mill plant, one of the questions they concern most is how to make wood pellet mill plans. Certainly, most are not able to make plans for themselves. But that’s rightly what we do! We offer wood pellet mill plans (http://www.woodpelletmillchina.com/pro/wood_pellet_mill.html)!
For making wood pellet making machine plans for customers, we have to consider the following factors.
1. The very first you must be clear about your raw material. That include: what kinds of raw material you have? Only one kind or a mixture of several kinds? What is the proportion of your mixed raw materials? Since different materials have distinguished physical and chemical characters, as well as different lignin and fiber contents, and these all affect the cohesiveness of pellets. As a result, different kinds and composition of raw materials will demand different compression ratio of pellet mill die. That’s why we need to know your raw materials for making wood pellet mill plans.
3. The moisture content of raw material. If the raw material contains too much water, it also needs a dryer to get rid of extra moisture. According to the experimental statistics, a moisture content of 13%-15% is best for most raw materials in pelleting. Therefore, fresh wood that contain about 50-70% moisture must be dried.
2. The size of raw material should also be considered. For different raw materials, the processes are different. For instance, if your raw material is sawdust that has a size of less than 5mm, it does not need be processed by hammer mill (Hammer Mill-- Fote Machinery (http://www.woodpelletmillchina.com/pro/hammer_mill.html)) or crusher. For larger materials, a hammer mill or crusher is a must; since the holes of ring die is small, too large materials will block the holes.
4. The usage of wood pellets. Will you use pellets in your power plants? Or for sale in bags? If you want to make wood pellets for sale, you probably need a pellet bagging machine.
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