View Full Version : How to get Heeks to pocket or profile a circle?

04-07-2015, 06:57 AM
I'm making a motor mounting plate and Heeks 1.0 won't create code when attempting to do a profile or pocket on a circle. It'll do it on an obround and other shapes just fine. I imported 14 DP gear shape IGS file made with eMachineShop and had no problem generating the code to mill it with 5/64" end mills.

But use Heeks own utility to draw a circle and convert it to a sketch and all it'll put out is code to raise the tool to clearance height then stop.

I had to convert the (round) sketch to a face (which makes a polygon) then face to a sketch. Next I selected all those lines and created points at intersections. Then I selected every other point around 1/2 of it and made a spline, then did the same for the other half. Finally, put both splines into a sketch THEN it would do an inside profile.

So instead of a nice compact and simple polar coordinate circle move cycle in a pair of arcs (my mill is too old to understand closed circles, has to be at least 2 arcs) I have to put up with a large pile of arc-ish curves and lots of small moves.

The rest of it went fine, obround hole with recess and slotted bolt holes to allow the motor to be adjusted and drilling 4 holes around the troublesome circle to mount it to the actuator. Since I don't yet have quick change tooling on this mill, I set everything to run with a .22" 2 flute carbide end mill in one NC file and the four hole drill cycle with .25" drill in a second file. Those will get finish sized on a drill press.

Going to be fun tomorrow setting up the plate elevated so the large hole centers will drop out, because Heeks won't do tabs on obrounds.