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04-03-2015, 05:08 AM
Straw material can be widely seen across the world. As long as wheat and maize and other crops are sowed, straw will be gained alongside grain harvest. Some farmers and regions chop off straw and crush and spread it all over soil after harvest is done as natural fertilizer. From time to time, straw is used as mulch to protect other plants. However, there are still some regions in the world combusting straw directly in the open air which results in aggravation of air pollution and a waste of biomass material as well. Actually, straw can be applicable to biomass ethanol production and building materials. Over the past decades, the popular use of straw in producing biomass energy has been booming alongside the use as ingredient of fodder for animal husbandry.

Straw pellet machine or straw pellet mill mainly fits for process of various kind of plant which has one year of growth period, like the crushing cotton, corn straw, eggplant, and pepper seedling etc. and the size of pellet can be made as customer’s request. The pellet form the crops are fit for produce feed industry, organic fertilizer, fuel, shaving board, paper and other materials for manufacturing industry. Straw pellet making machine (Straw Pellet Machine,Straw Pellets Making Machine,Maize Straw Pellet Press Machine,Cornstalk Pellet Mill-- Fote Machinery (http://www.woodpelletmillchina.com/pro/straw_pellet_mill.html)) can make large amount of green waste into precious, to develop new economic value, to protect the environment and improve the soil, which create a good social efficiency.

Only Judged from the appearance, straw pellets machine for making feed is equipped with more conditioners on top of it for the purpose of thorough mixing of ingredients of fodder. On the other hand, steam injecting device is also mounted on the conditioner for curing of material before material is pelletized in the pellet press machine. Apart from that, driving force of pellet press machine for making feed is distinguished from straw pellets machine for making biomass fuel. Anyway, feedstraw pellets machine and biomass straw pellet press machine possess different functions during their very own processing. Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. delves into research and design of both the types respectively and we also summarized the differences in them so that we can comparatively put them into use.

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